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The Orwellian snark in me wants to point out that, since the emergence of Internet pop-culture and since we’ve become more connected as a culture in general, our attention span has diminished. To quote every old man comment-thread lurker ever: "We get our news in soundbites.

 · (Sasha Shulgin once suggested to me that I should include the above anecdote in my autobiography.) Traveling from Acapulco to Mexico City in 1972 when I was a federal fugitive and smoking a joint of "Acapulco Gold" marijuana (that I had rolled using a page from the Bible as a cigarette paper) while listening to a recording of the song "Heart of.

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 · Yet Orwell’s talent flourished in a particular setting, that of a small journal with a tight group of readers. Tribune was a magazine of the Labour left that for a few years in the forties broke the arguments that were to dominate British political life.

In a May 14, 2003 article entitled, Building a Nation of Snoops, the Boston Globe stated, "Watching America with Pride, not Prejudice," is " the Orwellian motto of the New Jersey-based Community Anti-Terrorism Training Institute, or CAT Eyes." CAT Eyes is, "an antiterrorist citizen informant program being adopted by local police departments.

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Often as many as five trains a day, each one packed with 4, 000 Jews, trundled eastwards to Auschwitz. Later Eichmann , faced with a lack of rail transport , began a *program (programme,0.876) * of deportations by foot — – " death marches along a 120-mile route from Budapest to the Austrian border at Hegyeshalom .

Lindsay Anderson is not just irreplaceable. and a man born to lead who found himself in a subordinate role. His strengths were his Orwellian clarity of mind, the fierce devotion he gave his chosen.

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