spacings usage: hookup clogs

If you have a main drain clog, you want to do something as quickly as possible to prevent backups. You can unclog a main drain without a snake by plunging the toilet closest to the clog or by spraying water through one of the cleanout fittings. Don’t use Drano or a similarly caustic drain cleaner.

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If you’re working on a house that has less than 45 lbs. of pressure or a flow rate of less than 4 gallons per minute, make sure you install home runs, and consider going up in size to 3/4-in. pipe. A simple way to test water pressure is to hook up a hose bib pressure gauge (sold at home centers) to your spigot.

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Also, if there is a vent connecting into the drainpipe between the bladder and the clog, the water will be forced up and out of the vent line. The best place to use a drain cleaning bladder is a clean-out fitting where you can push the bladder into the main part of the drain before turning it on.

Twist the hanger back and forth and in a circular fashion and try to hook the clog. Carefully pull the hook up and out of the drain and shake the hair clog off into a waste basket. Repeat the process going deeper each time and adjusting the size of your hook until there is no more hair on the end of your hook.

Dayton Superior products are intended for use by trained, qualified and experienced workmen only. Misuse or lack of supervision and/or inspec-tion can contribute to serious accidents or deaths. Any application other than those shown in this publication should be carefully tested before use.

Turn on the hot water to tell if the clog is gone. If water runs straight down the drain, you’re all set. You can put the drain cover back on and use the shower normally. If the water still doesn’t drain, there is another clog deeper down in the drain and you will need to plunge, use a hand snake, or make a baking soda and vinegar solution.

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