Property tax problems for customers of bankrupt lender

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Chapter 7 Exemptions Lenders who will limit their loans to 70 or 75% of property value when you are in Chapter 13, may go to 90% or 95% after you are out. Bear in mind, though, that your loan will be classified sub-prime in either case and it will be pricey.

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Tax liens, on the other hand, can never be discharged through bankruptcy. So if your unpaid property taxes have been converted into a tax lien that will stay in place no matter what, until you sell your house and use the proceeds to pay the liens. Your best bet when it comes to bankruptcy is always to speak with a qualified attorney.

 · Prior to the problems encountered in 2007 and 2008, few lenders required borrowers to furnish a transcript. Form 1099s or W-2s and a copy of your 1040 were often sufficient. In fact, some lenders made no-income, no-asset, or NINA, loans for mortgages that did not require borrowers to provide any proof of income.

As a side note, in chapter 13 bankruptcy, 401k loans can be made part of the payment plan and some of the amount can be wiped out. Non-Dischargeable Debt. Even bankruptcy proceedings cannot discharge certain types of debt including student loan debt, child support, alimony, income taxes, property taxes, and fines imposed for criminal activity.

When a lender allows a defaulted borrower to simply convey the property to the lender, this is referred to as deed in lieu of foreclosure. Instead of going through a potentially lengthy and costly foreclosure proceeding to take over ownership and control of the property, the lender may permit the defaulted borrower to simply sign the deed over to the lender.

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Bankruptcy will also not let you discharge certain types of debts, such as child support, alimony, most student loans, court restitution orders, criminal fines, and some taxes. Bankruptcy may not let you discharge debts that arise after your bankruptcy case has been filed.

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But that average may not be quite as eye-popping this year since many of the new foreclosures stem from problems in the subprime mortgage market.. either property taxes or income taxes — in.

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