Permissive Use of Negative Notice in Northern District

Effective 12/15/17 the Permissive Use of Negative Notice List has been revised to reflect the following: 1) all chapters: 30-day noticing period for objection to claims, and 2) Motion for Final Decree for Chapter 11 Cases. Filers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the updated content of FLNB’s Permissive Use of Negative Notice List.

The negative notice legend shall provide for a 21-day objection period unless. The title Permissive use of Negative Notice was replaced with.

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In bankruptcy proceedings, the "negative notice procedure" is a method by which certain motions, objections and other matters may be considered by the Court without an actual hearing. The way it works is if a party provides a negative notice, according to the procedures allowed by the respective.

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PERMISSIVE USE OF NEGATIVE NOTICE. Revision effective 12/15/17. The Court permits and encourages service of the following papers using negative notice as permitted by Local Rule 2002-2. You are reminded, however, of the Court’s discretion to set any matter for hearing, even if no objection is filed.

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E. Negative Notice / Motions Determined with Notice,. movant must attach to the motion an Application to Set Hearing on Emergency Motion providing. United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

IN THE united states district court FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ALABAMA SOUTHERN DIVISION. Applicants should be granted permissive intervention under Rule 24(b).. was promulgated in February 2018 following two rounds of notice and comment beginning in 2015, provides:.

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The Negative Notice List is posted on the Court’s website,, and may be supplemented or otherwise amended by the Court from time to time. Other motions, objections, and other matters may be considered by the Court using the negative notice procedure if permitted by the presiding judge. (b) Manner of Service.

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