Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Back Senior Loan Officer Rick Schlager

Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Back senior loan officer rick schlager. January 17, 2019, (HAMPTON, NH) – Blue Water Mortgage Corporation, an independent mortgage broker serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Florida, is excited to welcome Area Manager and Senior Loan Officer Rick Schlager back to the team.

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As a first time home buyer, I had no idea where to begin with the mortgage process. Our realtor referred us to Blue Water to get pre-approved and we were fortunate enough to work with Rick Schlager. Even before we made an offer, Rick was extremely helpful and made sure we would be able to get approved for the condo we ended up falling in love with.

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There is precedent for such a move. Back in late September 1996, the Republican National Committee — under the direction of now Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour — cut spending on presidential nominee.

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Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Back Senior Loan Officer Rick Schlager Your Complete Guide to Choosing to Live in a Gated Community That’s Right For You | Real estate blog popular gated Communities. With all the available activities you’ll be tempted to never leave. Make a list of the entertainment your family enjoys.

3 outside-the-box alternatives for home buyers in a tough housing market It’s tough for first-time buyers, and even tougher for singles, who are hoping to get into the housing market. A recent survey conducted by Leger for Re/Max found that 52 percent of single Canadians said economic uncertainty and expensive home prices are the biggest reasons why they are not buying a home.

Speak With a Mortgage Expert Today. At Blue Water Mortgage we’re here to help you with all of your mortgage needs. Contact us today and a loan officer will reach out within a few business hours.

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